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Start or pause the track that is playing. Switch Device: Alternate between your phone or watch's playlist.

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I've been using it more lately, and have found a particularly confusing I don't even know what to call it lol. Here's a break down of what happens though. Start music player, find artist I want to listen to and play all their songs. Get to work and press menu button and exit app.

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Go to use Music Player at lunch and attempt to search for a new artist to play. Won't go back to the menu!!! There has to be a way, because I'm not going to want to listen to Killswitch Engage on my music player forever. Roadie Well-Known Member. Oct 5, 20 38 Male Michigan. Stuntman Android Expert.

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Nov 18, 3, Vancouver, Canada. Thanks guys, after checking out some recommended players I think I'm going to rock and roll with Pro Player, that shit is tight. For real lol! Musixmatch app. Hello, I've been searching for solutions but am unable to find any, and stumbled across this site. I really need help with 2 problems and I hope you don't mind me being so long-winded. The other day, my phone "glitched", meaning that my phone seemed perfectly normal, until I opened my Gallery, where all my albums and pictures were gone, but still in My Files. I somehow managed to move all my pictures and albums back into Gallery when I accidentally deleted one album when trying to navigate through My Files, and I really want to recover that album as I was in the middle of making backup for it.

The pictures in the albums have also had their order messed up, they used to be in Newest to Oldest order, but they are now in random order. I want to fix the problem of recovering my accidentally deleted album first as the random order problem is kind of minor compared to it.

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Today, when I opened my Music player, I found all my songs there, but no playlists. Unlike the pictures, I was unable to transfer back my playlists, or open the. When I connect my phone to my laptop, the playlists do not appear in the said folder, only a file called Quick list. I really want to recover my playlists as I cannot remember the order of the songs and do not want to remake all 7 of my playlists. I really hope that anyone else has solutions to my problems and once again I'm sorry for being long-winded. Hello, I just got a galaxy s3 mini and Ive downloaded some of my music.

The app I used to download it gave it that app's name, if you know what I mean. Is there any way to change the entire album somehow? Hi Rainbow Zombie, Thanks for coming. I usually use iTag - Music Tag Editor app to change the music information, e. Hi, so i have a Samsung galaxy s3 and recently i switched my music downloading app to a different app. I am currently using the YouTube mp3 app and one thing i have noticed is that whenever i download a song i try to rename the title and the artists as they are different but for some reason it doesn't let me change the artists name ive tried looking every where.

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I know how to change the songs name im just having a lot of difficulty with changing the artists name from unknown to thier actual name. Hope you can help thanks so much. Hi xxy ly, Thanks for coming and I'm sorry for the late answer. Try using iTag - Music Tag Editor app to change the music information, e. FYI, this app only able to edit music tag if the music file is stored in the phone memory.

Hi, I dont have a music player icon on my phone! I have a Samsung A3. I need some help i want to know if there is a way i can play my music and keep changing songs automatically on its own because when i try it it just keeps replaying. Post a Comment Hi the insiders, Thanks for coming and I hope you can get something useful here. Before submitting your comment to ask about an issue, please make sure to provide information as much as possible at least write your model number and Android version and describe the problem clearly.

The last, if you have a question and can't find the relevant article, please feel free to reach me through the Contact us page. I'll be more than happy to reply the email and answer the question: Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Use Music Player. By Rehan May 08, With this phone you can enjoy your favorite music wherever and whenever you want. You can get a great selection of music by download it from internet, load from Kies or copy them from your computer.

See also: But, of course, you may download other player if you want. Image Credit: Labels Apps How to. Labels of this post: Apps How to. Geyner Bermudez 27 August at Rehan 27 August at Camille Davis 18 January at Rehan 18 January at Rehan 14 December at Shayla McCormick 10 December at Laurie Gonyea 28 December at Rehan 28 December at Laurie Gonyea 29 December at Rehan 30 December at Real Relationship with Christ 31 December at Rehan 31 December at Jessica Villanueva 5 January at Rehan 5 January at Charlie Beaven 8 January at Rehan 8 January at Tiana Lyons 11 January at Rehan 12 January at Rehan 28 January at Rehan 26 January at Rachel Lara 26 January at Nicholas Weingartz 27 January at Jessica Leung 5 February at Rehan 6 February at Joe Bate 6 February at Rehan 7 February at Rehan 15 February at Georgina Edge 16 February at Rehan 17 February at Rehan 23 February at Irma Afifah Atika 24 March at Rehan 27 March at Unknown 20 April at Rehan 20 April at Rehan 26 April at Zachary Newman 4 May at Rehan 4 May at Chris Edwin 25 May at Rehan 25 May at Teffany Smith 15 July at Rehan 16 July at Anita E 15 December at Rehan 16 December at Christian Murrell 30 December at Rehan 4 March at Suki Kyoshi 6 April at Rehan 7 April at Chantal 16 April at Rehan 19 April at Edwin 18 April at Rehan 18 April at Ixora Cheney 17 May at Rainbow Zombie 8 July at Rehan 8 July at Rehan 15 July at Maria Laura Minoli 16 September at Jeong Min Hwang 7 December at Popular posts from this blog.

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