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Alternatively, if you need iOS 7 styled Notification Center on your Android Phone, you can try iNoty, which comes from the same developer as iLauncher. You may also toggle settings for displaying signal strength, battery percentage and carrier name. Download and install iNoty Paid.

Launch the app A. Type keyboard after installation and follow the activation wizard to configure the A. Type keyboard.

[MOD] iOS 7 Inspired Status Bar | Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N, N

Download and install A. When the app is launched, it automatically scans and lists all the apps on your device. You can configure how to display notifications alert or banner for each of the apps separately. Some of the apps will already be configured by default. Accessibility features for iPhone Notifications lite needs to be enabled for it to access app notifications.

We will use a separate app for this purpose. Download and install iPhone Notifications Free.

[DownloadFixed][MOD] iOS 7 Statusbar Style Based on Xperia Z1 SystemUI.apk [10/03/14]

After the installing iSettings, tap on the Settings icon to open up an iPhone themed Settings page. Pressing on the Menu button on the home screen launches the iPhone themed launcher settings page. Download and install the iSettings Free. A simple app also helps to sort of create the parallax effect found in iOS 7. In addition to the default wallpapers, the app can also create a virtual 3D effect from custom wallpapers.

How To Change Statusbar Style -- Battert Syle -- Network Signal Style And More

Parallax 3D can run in the background and works with any Android launcher which supports wallpapers. This message app also has a iPhone like alert notifications system. It is available in both free and paid versions. You can setup email accounts from multiple services like Gmail , Yahoo , AoL , etc. If you want, you can set InoMail and iPhone Message apps in the dock and make their icons look like the default iPhone ones.

Your iDroid has been set up. Now you can fool your friends completely by saying that you managed to install iOS on your Android device! This content is blocked.

IOS 7 Statusbar

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Share your thoughts. Follow Us. To do this you should set the backgroundColor property of the ActionBar. Changing the UINavigationBar style will change the style of the status bar automatically. You should use the frame module to access the native instance of UINavigationBar. As Figure 3 shows, the style of UINavigationBar and status bar have been changed to a gray background color and white text and icons. You should use this option in scenarios when you don't want to use ActionBar.

Step Two: Customize the Status Bar

In iOS, the status bar has two style types: The default style looks like Figure 4: Add the code shown below in your Info. Now in place of the status bar we can see one white line. That happened because we changed the color of the icon to white; however, the background color is the same as the icon. To fix this we should set the page's backgroundColor property. You should also set the backgroundSpanUnderStatusBar property to true.