Free data usage tracker app for iphone

The app includes all the essential features of a data monitoring system: The iOS app requires iOS 9. The Android app requirements vary by device.

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What We Like Easy-to-visualize alerts about potential overages. Hour-by-hour grid helps you visualize your own usage patterns. App for watchOS. What We Don't Like App instructions sometimes confusing.

8 apps to help you monitor data usage on your mobile device

Key features include: Tracks LTE, 4G, 3G, and Wi-Fi Maps locations where you use data Supports rollover and carryover data Maintains an hourly and daily history Works with all carriers Generates smart forecasts to predict whether you'll stay within your data cap Displays real-time stats Makes intelligent suggestions for usage limits Includes watchOS 4 app.

What We Like Good reports and detailed, if boring, user interface. Checks account-level, not just device-level, usage. Features of the My Data Manager app include: Looks at the whole account, not just the device, to assess overages. What We Don't Like Recent user complaints that the app is significantly inaccurate.

Clunky card-based app design. Use the app to: Monitor your usage Manage your wireless account View billing details Pay your bill Upgrade your phone or plan Make changes to your plan.

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What We Like Clean, crisp design. Account-level view into your Verizon relationship. For a carrier-designed app, it gets good ratings. The app then automatically calculates how much data you could use per day to even out your usage throughout the entire month.

Top 5 Apps for Monitoring Mobile Data Usage

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from going over this but it can help you control your usage. It also calculates your usage in the current cycle and the remaining data allowance. In addition to this, the app provides a usage forecast, which is an estimate based on your current usage.

The app allows you to view a bar graph of your usage for the current month, under the History tab. Knowing how much data you use is definitely beneficial, but what you probably want to know alongside that is what apps are eating your data.

My Data Manager offers this exact information and you can view a breakdown per hour, per day, per week or per month. To retrieve this information for you, the app requires VPN to be enabled. Download for iOS. This is another great app for tracking your data usage. As with My Data Manager , this app requires you to log your data cycle start date and allowance and then it gets to work. You can also change the colour settings for the widget so the colours for progress and warnings differ. The app also consists of some utility tools, including a QR scanner, a contacts cleaner that removes duplicates and a contacts backup.

These seem rather random for a data usage tracking app but they are additional features and could prove to be handy for some. DataFlow is an extremely simple app with a single interface but it does exactly what you need it to do.

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It keeps track of your network usage in real-time and does this for mobile data as well as Wi-Fi data usage, soon after you log your plan allowance and the date it renews. Opening the app will take you to a single-page interface where you will see the percentage of data you have used so far. The top-right hand corner displays the number of days left for the current allowance and the month and date of when your next allowance starts.

Nice and simple. With every day being different, the amount of time we spend on our smartphones will vary and the apps we use may differ too.