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iPod Touch

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Gira HomeServe App for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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After searching for something simple to help my organizing look neat and tidy I came upon the device with this app and it has been amazing! They have made improvements since I got the app so it is running very smooth and is easy to edit. Pretty user friendly once you play around with things.

Overall I am very happy and the labels look great and print fast! Plenty of options for fonts but not too overwhelming either. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. New feature: Added US English symbols. Improved app stability at startup.

Faint Font Correction - The file saving issue has been fixed. Software Update. The display speed of the home screen has been improved. Improved print start-up time. Dec 20, Version 2. Size Category Lifestyle. If you wish to use the application again, first reconnect the device and projector. Preparation Case 1-A: Transferring Document Files to Your iPad. Connection Case 1: Using the Application.

Usage 1: Projecting Photos Usage 3: Projecting Documents Usage 4: Projecting Web Pages Usage 5: Camera Projection Usage 6: Using the Marker Usage 7: Using the Pointer Usage 8: Using the Browser Control Function Usage Your device needs to be connected to projector's network via Wi-Fi using the device's setting in advance. Follow the procedure below. Please refer to the List of Applicable Models for the model number and its applicable group.

The idle screen will appear. You will be prompted for a password. If the KEY is displayed as " ", press the buttons on the projector or on the remote control as designated by the idle screen. The KEY will then be displayed. Wireless LAN will be connected. When prompted for a password, enter the default password. Factory default username: If you do not know the password, please refer to the product specification pages or ask network administrator for further details. When selecting [Panasonic Display1], select the Details button on the right-side edge of the connection network, and turn [Automatic Connection] ON.

When installing multiple wireless projectors nearby, some projectors may be difficult to find. No Wi-Fi icon will be displayed at the upper left of the iOS device screen to indicate Wi-Fi connection when using the above connection method. Your device is now connected to the local wireless network. If your access point is encrypted, a password input screen is displayed. If you do not know the password, ask your network administrator. Before the data of a PowerPoint or other document file can be projected, you must transfer these files from your computer to this application's [Documents] area in iTunes.

On the top of the screen, select. Transferred files are not added while the document files list is displayed. Close the list and then open it again. You can pass document files open in Safari or received as mail attachments to [Documents] for this application. In Safari or Mail, select [Open in When operating or connecting to a projector by searching for the projector, how to connect may differ depending on model.

Please refer to the List of Compatible Models for the model number and its applicable group. The projectors that are found are shown in [Please select the device to connect] screen. Even after you press the Home button, the projector connection will be maintained for 3 minutes after you close the application screen.

When [Do not display again] is turned ON at [Please select the device to connect] screen, [Please select the device to connect] screen will not be displayed at the next start-up. Projection Position Selection screen will be displayed.

iPod Touch (6th generation)

Select the position to project. Enter Login password displayed on Projection screen of the projector, and tap [OK] button to connect to the projector. Projection screen of projector. The Content Manager page is displayed, and Content Manager can be used. You need to connect to the Space Player to project content from your iPad.

Select [OK] when the confirmation message appears. The Space Player is now connected. You can search for a projector by its IP address, register or edit search data, and connect. Select the registered name for the projector to be used from the [Registered Projectors] list. Choose the file to be imported from the displayed list, then select [OK].

The imported list will be displayed. Select [Edit] in the [Registered Projectors] menu. Select the each line in the Registered Projectors List to enable editing. Also, you can do the following operations at the edit screen. Select [Edit] for the import file list. You can do the following operations at the edit screen. If a network password is set for the projector, the password input screen will be displayed. The exported registration data will be saved as xml data in the [Documents] area. You can enter up to 16 characters for file names and the characters listed below cannot be used.

Cannot be used only for the first character. Network IDs or projector names that have previously been registered or connected may be displayed as or as a model number for some models. Reading the QR code displayed on the Panasonic Application Mode idle screen enables automatic device and projector connection, and allows the user to commence wireless media projection.

Projectable content

Available networks are shown 3- Select the same access point name SSID as displayed on idle screen 4- You will be prompted to enter a password. Press the Home button on your iOS device. The application screen now closes. By taking a screenshot when the screen to be projected is displayed, that screen will be projected.


Press then release the device's Sleep button and Home simultaneously to take a screenshot. Make sure to send One Shot projection before automatic disconnection occurs. To delete One Shot image from the projection screen, send another image or document file, or disconnect your device from the projector. When connecting multiple iPad devices and selecting the same display style, screen with the latest setting will be projected. Tap a photo to project. The selected image is projected from the projector.