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Macro mode on the Lumia captured pollen detail you could see this at more than 3, pixels ; the iPhone 4S auto-focuses, but has no macro mode. I prefer the cooler colors in the iPhone 4S, but in terms of focusing on distant objects, they're pretty close. Snack shack: The iPhone 4S shot looks much more vibrant and sharp than the yellowed, lower-contrast Lumia photo especially when the photos are blown up on the big screen.

The iPhone 4S captured the water droplets more distinctly, but in this scene, I like the Lumia's contrast and warmer tones. The actual color was somewhere between them.

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The colors are richer, but he has red eye. The iPhone 4S just needed the flash to extract color, but it isn't as precise. Check out even more photos of the Lumia , and taken with the Lumia , in the slideshow below. How to watch the Galaxy S10 launch: Samsung is expected to unveil several Galaxy models Feb. Mobile World Congress Complete coverage from the world's biggest phone show. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Mobile Nokia Lumia camera shoot-out vs. Putting the Nokia Lumia 's 8-megapixel camera to the test. Live tiles.

Nokia Lumia 900 vs iPhone 4: The $99 Showdown

I love the Ken Burns effects of your camera roll appearing as a double-wide tile. Having the temperature available immediately without clicking makes sense and having your custom Xbox avatar animate and pop up is better than static icons. Without a doubt, these kinds of things make it more personal and goes beyond a simple utilitarian device used to make calls. Lumia is much faster and responsive to gestures than my iPhone and the LTE is blazingly fast.

It seems to stream Netflix faster than my wireless connection, and downloading a 25 MB app takes a few seconds. Call quality is about the same as before and the speaker phone is nice and loud without sounding tinny.

Battery life seems good -- makes it through a whole day with normal to heavy use on one charge brightness is set to medium. The button placement simply blows. I find it very difficult to turn the thing on without looking at it. With an iPhone, you simply press any button. Nokia for some reason wants to confuse you with the power on button and the camera button every time!

Nokia Lumia 900 camera shoot-out vs. iPhone 4 (photos)

While the back button is very useful see things I love , the design of the phone makes it impossible to tell the top from the bottom and therefore you are fumbling in the dark to press the back button. The search button becomes annoying as you type in a web address and instead of being brought to the page, you are brought to a list of results forcing you to tap again to go to the website. User interface. While I want to be a big proponent of Metro, it still has a lot of growing up to do. The three little dots to tell you there are more options make for a fun guessing game.

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I so badly want it to present choices that I expect to see, but too often feel a big letdown when all it does is present the text labels for the icons I already see. Usually has more to do with the applications themselves than with the framework that supports them. I currently have 32 and there will be many more to come, which will only mean more swiping instead of seeing many at once or in folders like iOS. The inability to take screengrabs is very frustrating.

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