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We need to schedule our events and travel plans around the Jewish holidays. The rhythm of the Jewish calendar affects us emotionally. The Jewish calendar, known in Hebrew as luach Hashanah, takes us on a journey.

The calendar is made up of days in which we celebrate and days in which we grieve. Some Jews, especially those working in a professional capacity in the Jewish community, have historically carried a small pocket luach to know the Jewish holidays and the Jewish dates. In the past two decades these print Hebrew calendars have morphed into digital calendars and mobile apps.

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I started using an electronic version of the luach back in when I got my first Palm Pilot, which was one of the first personal data assistants PDA on the market. So rather than depend on the postcard reminders from funeral homes and synagogues about an upcoming yahrzeits observance, one could simply set an alarm reminder on the PDA. The dean of the rabbinical school at the time, Rabbi William Lebeau, told the senior class that they could not be ordained as a rabbi from the Seminary unless they had a PDA with Luach installed. Just about everyone now carries a smartphone in their pocket with a fast Internet connection.

Determining a Hebrew date or ascertaining when a Jewish holiday will occur several years from now is as simple as a Google search. However, those who prefer to have a luach app at the ready on their phone have a plethora of good apps to choose from.

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There is a new beta version of Luach available for downloading. Hopefully this will be the last beta version. We are now in the process of submitting Luach to the App store, and making it available to the general public. Hopefully the official release will be within the next few weeks. In mid-April Howie sent out a beta version of Luach for iOS that has the final fine tuning in order to be ready for an official release, which means it could be available before the High Holidays this year.

It will also allow users to customize the Shabbat and holiday times based on their location and communal customs i. All of the luach apps on the market are designed for traditional Jews, meaning Orthodox and Conservative Jews who, in the Diaspora, observe an extra day of major holidays. Nov 1, 8: I normally 'subscribe' to calendars this allows them to update automatically indefinitely assuming the creator keeps it up to date. It seems the HebCal one is intended instead to be imported in to your current calendar and will likely then add the dates as entries to that calendar.

You could create a local empty one for this purpose.

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I did find this webcal: I do not know if it is up to date. If you look at this article on the HebCal site it shows a URL for the same purpose but as it is in a picture you cannot copy the text you will have to type it in yourself. See - https: Nov 1, I stumbled upon the answer.

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Because I downloaded the Jewish holiday calendar more than once from HebCal, they were duking it out in iCal and wouldn't populate. As soon as I deleted the redundant calendars, voila!

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Remember the Palm Pilot? That personal digital assistant PDA that was all the rage back in the s now seems as archaic as a sundial or abacus compared to today's impressive smartphones. The utility apps that we've come to depend on in the 21st century weren't even dreamed about back then.

For rabbis, other Jewish professionals and observant Jews, there was one mobile app that we came to depend upon back in the Palm Pilot era and that was Luach by Penticon luach is the Hebrew word for calendar. Penticon's Luach quickly became the killer app for anyone in the Jewish professional world.

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In fact, I recall the dean of my rabbinical school at the time, Rabbi William Lebeau, telling the senior class that they could not be ordained from the Jewish Theological Seminary unless they had a PDA with Luach installed. However, Penticon's Luach is back and it is far and away the best virtual Jewish calendar for mobile devices on the market.

Penticon Technologies' Howie Hirsch, who lives in Israel, has finally completed work on a Luach version for iOS and he was happy to answer some questions I had on the new app. When did you come up with the idea of creating a Luach app for the Palm back in the late s? I always had an interest in the Jewish calendar. When I started to learn how to develop applications for the Palm, I decided to do something that could be useful. I created a small application where I could enter a date, and it would give me the Jewish Date, and vice versa.

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As I learned more about developing for the Palm and learned more about the inner workings of the Jewish calendar, I realized that this would be an application that would be useful for me, and for many other people. It's so convenient to have the information that Luach provides available to you at any time. It's particularly handy to have it together with your calendar, so that you can make sure to avoid conflicts with Jewish holidays when you are scheduling meetings or other events.