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See also: Is this upgrade for you? The payment plan is actually part of Sprint's " iPhone for Life " plan, which means customers are actually leasing the phone for, in this case, 12 months.

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After that, they turn in the phone for a new one and continue paying against the monthly lease agreement. These prices are only good if you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus ready to trade in. Also, Sprint is not picking up any of your leftover payments with other carriers. If you still owe, say, Verizon for the total cost of your phone, you'll have to settle that account first before you can trade in the device and switch to Sprint.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus: But per Money 's deep-dive into the best phone plans of , Virgin Mobile USA has offered a pretty solid contract for individual users in the past — if they can swing the full cost of buying a phone outright.

Sprint Wants $1 a Month for a New 16GB iPhone 6S

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Purple Iphone 6 Case Under $1:

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