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You know you need a reliable cordless phone for home or the office, but which one is best for your needs? Cordless phones today can do everything, it seems. From taking cell calls using Bluetooth technology to two-line support and headset jacks, choosing the right phone requires considering how you plan to use it and which features you really want to pay for. One of the first decisions to make is whether you want a built-in answerer. Cordless phones with an answering system are a bit larger and more expensive than basic cordless models, but they let you record messages, listen to callers to screen calls, choose the number of rings and a toll-saver, switch the answerer on and off, and navigate your messages.

You get a mailbox with a message time stamp, a message counter display, and a visual indicator that you have messages. You should also consider whether you want a corded base. A cordless handset needs power to work from AC or batteries, but a corded handset works without power as long as it remains connected to a conventional landline or you have battery backup for VoIP service.

If your area is prone to power outages, a corded base is a good choice. From there, consider the features that are most important to you. Some of the most popular cordless phone features include:.

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If you are looking for the best cordless phone then make sure to get the Panasonic Link2Cell Cordless Phone as this is their best phone to date. From noise reduction to bluetooth support, this phone boasts a number of features including a digital answering system. Click here to Check Price on Amazon. Vtech is the most well-known name in cordless phones.

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This model makes it easy to view call information in low light with a backlit display and keypad. You can also enable the quiet mode to silence the ringer to avoid annoying interruptions during a meeting. For slightly more than its base model, the Vtech CS cordless phone comes with an additional cordless handset. As with the base CS model, this cordless phone system can be expanded to up to 5 headsets with CS It also features the same DECT 6. With full duplex handset speakerphone, you can increase call participation.

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Both sides of the conversation can speak and be heard without canceling each other out for more true to life conversation. With two headsets, you can have conference calls with an outside line and both headsets. The only downside is the Caller ID feature does not provide a time and date for missed calls.

You will see the calls you have missed, but you will not know if it was an hour ago or the day before. One of the best business features about the phone is two-line support. With the Vtech system, you can receive calls from two separate phone numbers with distinct ringers for each line so you know which is ringing. The clear conference calls without interference is also a major selling point with Vtech. You can also expand the system with the ability to handle up to six handsets on the same line with additional handsets sold separately.

Some things you can only learn with hands-on experience, so in addition to conducting thorough, well-informed research, we also got up close and personal with the products and consulted telecom industry insiders to make sure these phones live up to all they promise. How We Tested To test, we went through the setup process for each cordless phone to establish its ease of use score. This process included setting the date and time, turning off key tones, adding a few entries into the phone book, adjusting the ringer volume, trying out the handset locator function and recording a message on the answering machine.

We compiled our hands-on experience with our research in one giant spreadsheet. When everything was side-by-side, we compared all our collected data points to determine which phones deserved our recommendations. There are simple phones that are great for emergencies, and complex systems that can make a great addition to a small business. For simply making and receiving calls, an inexpensive phone like the VTech CS works perfectly. Number of Handsets Most cordless phone systems are expandable, so you can have multiple handsets on a single line by connecting just the main base via telephone jack.

Handsets come with your initial purchase, but you can buy individual accessory handsets to expand your system. The products we tested can have five to 12 total handsets. If you wanted, you can keep one in every room of your house.

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Extra handsets usually come with their own charging cradle. Backup Power Phone lines still work when the power goes out, but many cordless phones lack any backup power features, making it impossible for you to make calls. Features and Settings Features like handset location, handset-to-handset intercom function, caller ID, backlit displays and speakerphone are standard across all the phones we tested.

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Other features, like a built-in answering machine, headset jack or talking caller ID can also be extremely useful, particularly for home offices. Phones like the Panasonic KX-TGS are packed with customizable features and settings, including cell phone integration and call blocking.

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These phones are great for business, but may be a bit too much for a humble home phone. Cordless phone systems all follow a similar form factor: Basically, cordless phones combine traditional telephone and radio technologies. The differences between this type of phone and others 2. Landlines vs. Mobile phones have replaced landlines over the past decade, and the trend continues, with more Americans living in mobile-only households each year.

About 45 percent of adults still use a landline phone, so traditional phone service is far from obsolete.

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However, the country is becoming more mobile-oriented. Cell phones have a few advantages over landlines, including mobility and accessibility. Most people who have landlines have cell phones as well, making the landline an added, unnecessary expense for many people. Even with cordless setups, landline phones are locked to their locations. Most people carry their cell phones with them so they don't miss important calls, messages, emails or news. And because smartphones continue to offer new conveniences, it often makes more sense to choose a smartphone over a landline.

Landlines, however, offer better reliability, especially in rural areas where cell service can be spotty.

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This reliability is especially important in emergency situations, as cellular location may not be accurate. The Panasonic KX-TGH is an easy to use landline phone that would be great for home use, thanks to features such as: At No. The standby time was not quite as impressive but still made it to the end of the week, so won't cause you any major problems if it slips your mind to put it back on charge for a couple of days.

The handset made it comfortably through a 12 hour session of continuous talk-time on day 1 and lasted a further 9 hours the following day before giving up the ghost. On standby it lasted a full week before the battery started to deplete, and powered down half-way through day 9. Aside from battery life, one of the main advantages of the BT is nuisance call blocking powered by trueCall with Guardian Call Screening. The resounding winner of our tests and the crowning top-spot goes to another entry from Gigaset — the CA — with a whopping talk-time that spanned over 2 days of testing 24 hours talk-time, and delayed publishing of the article due to an impressive standby time of 3 weeks.

You can order the Gigaset CA and read the full spec along with customer reviews here.