Battery dies fast on iphone 3gs

Is the battery designed to be replaced? Also see: Apple formally reports that the iPhone 3GS offers superior battery life than the iPhone 3G in some functions. Photo Credit: Apple, Inc.

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Battery life for using the 3G network for voice and data is the same for both models and standby time is the same as well. However, Apple reports significantly improved battery life for wi-fi Internet use, music playback, and video playback:. As official battery life numbers from manufacturers tend to be optimistic, third-party objective tests provide a better estimate of battery life in the "real-world" under actual usage conditions. In an effort to stretch the battery life as much as possible -- using it only for calls over the older 2G network -- C Net reported that the iPhone 3GS delivered more runtime and was closer to the Apple provided estimate than its predecessor:.

The Engadget blog -- likely to be "pounding" the iPhone 3GS harder than Mossberg in its own real-world tests -- had different results:. The always objective iLounge reported essentially the same findings as the other reviewers but found the outcome to be far less acceptable:. The service takes three to five business days. However, a third-party teardown from RapidRepair was the first to confirm that the battery in the iPhone 3GS -- like the iPhone 3G -- is not soldered, so replacement is quite possible for a technically-inclined user or third-party repair service but the battery is still not "swappable" or easy for a user of average skill to replace.

Ultimately, the consensus from most "real-world" usage tests is the iPhone 3GS battery life is modestly better than the iPhone 3G, but still not fantastic. Any improvement in battery life is welcome, and the iPhone 3GS should meet the needs of most routine "day-to-day" users, but heavy users may continue to wish that Apple had made the battery swappable so one wouldn't have to consider bulky external batteries.

If your battery no longer holds the charge that it used to -- and you either do not have the funds at the moment or simply do not wish to buy a newer iPhone -- replacing the battery is very much an option. In addition to Apple's official option, professional third-party services also are available to replace the battery in the iPhone models, often much more quickly and for less money, as well. Be sure to purchase your repair service or parts from a trusted company with extensive experience repairing iPhone devices.

iPhone 3GS / 4 / 4S Battery Life Testing - Putting the Conjecture to Rest

How do I replace the battery in the iPhone 3GS? For complete disclaimer and copyright information please read and understand the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before using either website. Sliding your iPhone's brightness a bit towards the left i. As long as you're not in direct sunlight, you'd be surprised at the low level of brightness you can get away with. Anyone who only ever played their PSP on the lowest brightness setting will appreciate this frugal strategy. Run it right down every so often. It's tempting to always stick your iPhone on to charge when it goes below 20 per cent battery life, but actually, you should try to run it right down to zero every so often once a month is Apple's advice , from full.

It keeps the battery fresh, y'see. Don't go to the Arctic.

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Sorry, Ben Fogle. You're supposed to keep your iPhone to as near room temperature as possible - anything below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and you're in trouble.

Apple iPhone 3GS Battery Problem - Ask Different

Keep it cosy. If all else fails, buy a battery pack. If you're hardcore about your iPhone gaming, it's worth considering one of these. Or wait for the next software update.

How to save your iPhone 3GS battery life

Early reports on the iPhone 3. It's happened before with software updates, which find more efficient ways to run the iPhone and save previous juice.

Fingers crossed, eh? Carry a plug around with you. Think this sounds silly? Think again. There are plug sockets everywhere - in pubs, on trains, in coffee shops, at friends' houses The iPhone 3GS charger plug is notably small and pocketable, so what's to stop you carrying it around in your bag, ready to whip out for a quick minute charge when suitable?

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