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After a few minutes, the operation of this app is logical. It's always good to have a trusty calculator on hand! What kind of job do you have where they provide a J2ME phone? Let's just say, I changed from a nine-to-five-behind-the-desk job to s job where I usually walk more than I sit.

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The j2me phone is a heavy duty model I use for phone calls and occasional SMS. I can drop it on a concrete floor, or in a pile of snow and it keeps going. Battery time is probably more than a full week. In short: It didn't forget J2ME application users. The Rapid Tracker is a modern application for family tracking, chatting and collaboration. It come sin the lite and full version and app can be downloaded from http: The apps are produced by Rapidsoft Systems, Inc.

For maps, navigate, geocaching: I hate touchscreens, the phone is too big and the screen fragile, and data is too expensive. Make a smartphone flipphone with a keypad and I might get one. It used to be a lot easier to get a J2ME app but now everything seems to direct you to google play. I was looking for something that would share my internet connection over bluetooth so I could tether a tablet.

Hey Matt, I avoided a smartphone for a long time for similar reasons. I can't do much about flip phones, they're not coming back sadly, but you can get a case for a smartphone. That's what I did, and I got around the exensive data plans by going with Republic Wireless. As for sharing your Internet connection over bluetooth from a J2ME phone: I doubt very much that you're going to find this. Sorry about that. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article?

Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. The build management enables that the build process can be configured to suit for the active project needs. The selected default target Device Platform is then activated to the projects use.

Application description

There should be ability to group devices with similar configuration based on some criteria. This grouping could be used e. The device model holds each device and Device Platform During the provisioning the MIDP applications are signed with an certificate, which ensures their security and makes them trustworthy. Obfuscation By using an Obfuscator tool, the source code can be made more difficult to reverse-engineer and also there can be some code optimization benefits achieved at the same time. Obfuscation can be done e. Key requirements: The Localization architecture should be capable of supporting all languages.

It should remove the need for application developers to decide which encoding the application will support. The localization should enable that the service providers can extend the language supports during the deployment phase. Allow local users to select their preferred languages as provided by the application. There should be visible UI simulation that enable to verify the UI immediately when the users switch the locale.

The localization should support at leas two approaches: By creating a resource file. By enabling such optimization to bind the localization directly to the application. The AF-editor enables that developer can design e. Why VE: The GUI editors would have common base framework and the there is a need to implement only the delta of the different mobile GUI editors Now existing: The base GUI framework. What is needed: Device Platform contains one or more Device instances. Device Platform Services make it possible to query available Device Platforms.

By selecting smallest possible set of needed APIs, the number of suitable devices is bigger. Although the Project has the default device, the Projects definitions can match to several devices. Device Configuration defines used configuration i. Device Profile defines used profile i. WMA 1. Device Services make it possible to query Runtime Platforms of a Device. The Device Platform and Device instances definition is stored inside the EMF based Device model and the with extendable persistence component the definition is shared with in several projects. The Runtime Platform Definition data is also stored and shared among projects and the Fragmentation Definition can enhance the task to find compatible device groups.

Also the pre-processing can use this to provide and define the device grouping inside the JDT. The deeper interaction and dependency is described in the following two slides. DevicePlatformProvider [ ] Out 2: DeviceManagement [ ] Device Platform 4: Device [ ] 5: Anatomie i-pocket. Anatomy and Physiology I. Anatomy Atlas. Anatomy Body Facts. Anatomy i-pocket. Anatomy Lite. Anatomy of the Brain. Anatomy of the Mouth. Anatomy of the Thorax.

Anatomy on the Go. Anatomy Pronunciations. Anatomy Pronunciations Lite. Anatomy Quiz. Anatomy Quiz for iPad. Anatomy Spine Quiz. Anatomy Terms of Location.

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