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We just want the same old, simply functionality to continue to work. Don't try to trick us into starting to pay you steep subscription fees after already shelling out a one-time fee for a perpetual license. That's disgraceful, unethical business practice.

If you’re having trouble syncing with iCloud

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. But the latest version also allows you to tap an All Items option to scroll through or search every item in every category at once. A new Favorites view lets you store frequently used items for quicker reference. The app also now shows items organized into folders in a separate view, a useful higher-level sorting option. Where I find the new version of 1Password shines brightest is in its updated integral Web browser.

You can also update existing entries, create entries without prompting, or block 1Password from ever asking about storing data for a given site. Then, when I revisit a site, I can tap the 1Password toolbar icon or use a keyboard shortcut to have 1Password automatically fill in the login fields. The workflow is wonderful. Instead, 1Password has always had a built-in Web browser that could be used to log into a site, but the way it handled logins was weak: Instead, if you open the in-app browser to visit a site or tap a URL stored with one of your Web logins, it provides a button that reveals logins for the site, credit cards and other accounts, and identities.

You can then tap to use any of those items just as you would in the desktop version of 1Password. But the Dropbox connection is now improved: The previous Wi-Fi Sync option has been removed. It used Bonjour to allow syncing between desktop and mobile versions over a local network. If there were such a way, most password-protected systems in the world would also be vulnerable. Of course, do not reuse your 1Password password for any other app or site! With that option turned on, 1Password stores its data file in such a way that it can be accessed in iTunes with a device selected by clicking the Apps tab and viewing the File Sharing section.

The data file can then be dragged in or out between desktop and mobile versions to keep them up to date.

Step 2: Check 1Password sync settings

This requires manual management, but prevents the data from ever being synced to cloud storage. For more details, read the iTunes section of the updated FAQ. You may also rely on File Sharing to let you back up the 1Password data file as part of an iOS backup. With an iCloud-based iOS backup, however, the file would be copied in its encrypted form to iCloud. I find 1Password 4 a substantial improvement.

The previous release often caused mild irritation when I knew that I could accomplish a task, but it took too many steps or required workarounds. The latest release reduces friction, and makes the app a less fussy and more fluid part of my security workflow. Bought it the second I saw your review was up. Looks like a great update, but I'm really bummed about Wi-Fi Sync being gone.

For me, that was a key feature. I didn't have to plug in the phone, but I also didn't have to store my precious password file on a strange server. I really hope AgileBits reconsiders. Adam Engst is a LastPass fan, but it didn't have the features I wanted years ago, and so I bought into 1Password and have stuck with it. I use Dropbox for everything, and have been syncing via Dropbox with 1Password since that capability became available.

For me, this is an improvement as it uses Dropbox's authentication and API instead of a kind of arm's length arrangement.

How to sync 1Password with Dropbox

As far as why 1Password versus the others, LastPass has a sort of different approach in some ways; they're not identically featured. KeePass doesn't seem to have the full 1Password featureset that I use. I use LastPass on my Macs because it does auto-login where it auto-fills and auto-submits with no user interaction, if I set it up that way for a specific site , which I find faster and more effective than 1Password's manually invoked auto-fill and auto-submit. But I also keep most passwords in 1Password as well, as a backup, and I use it exclusively for credit card storage and filling, along with secure notes for tracking various important bits of sensitive information.

In iOS, honestly, I don't use anything, mostly because I very seldom need to access my password-protected sites from my iPhone or iPad when I don't have better access through my Mac. I did once log in to the LastPass site to look up a password while travelling, which was awkward, but did work.

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Thanks for those comments, Adam. We go back and forth on the question of autofill like you have set up with LastPass. It's a mental shift in some ways, but it has the same result of going to the page, filling, and logging in with one fell swoop. Yes, I know about those features but it really is a significant mental shift to start the process in a different way when going to a site that needs a login. I access sites in too many ways, from too many browsers, and with too many different accounts, to adopt what to me seems like an artificial approach.

Put bluntly, the tools need to adapt to my way of working, not the reverse. Oddly, this works perfectly for me, as many sites I visit, I have multiple accounts for Amazon, Twitter, etc.

And I often want to choose whether to log in or not. The decision to remove Wi-Fi sync wasn't made without a lot of debate and consideration. For many users, it worked great, but it was very troublesome for a significant percentage of users, so we decided to go the route of iTunes document sharing for those who absolutely can't use the cloud due to firewall or paranoia restrictions. But, you don't even have to trust the cloud.

Your data is encrypted when stored on iCloud or Dropbox. More info here: I still have a bad feeling about dropbox storage as, like many other apps, 1Password uses the "full dropbox" access pattern. So every app with the same access can browse and download the files stored in the 1Password folder and than try to crack them, or am I wrong? I haven't bought the new version, but does it support password generation beyond the 50 characters? From time to time you need a new password for your wireless network and want to choose the maximum length?

Is there a benefit to using iCloud over Dropbox, or vice-versa? I use Dropbox from earlier versions and it works great. But is there a benefit to using both to ensure there's a backup method? Or would that confuse the app?

Sync your 1Password data

It's possible to have both enabled. The truth is in the cloud! But which cloud? Since 1Password is available for Windows, too, Dropbox support makes sense if you're not entirely in the Apple infrastructure; also, if you're using pre-iCloud systems with 1Password, I believe you can still have Dropbox support on the desktop. And iCloud support isn't yet available in the Mac software, which is still 3. It will be in 4. Conceivably, you'd use Dropbox to sync with the desktop and iCloud could be used for better?

Personally, I wouldn't use iCloud because it's a completely black box, and not one that has proven itself to be totally reliable. With Dropbox, if something goes wrong, you have local files and a version on the Web that can be retrieved, plus built-in versioning. The one benefit to Dropbox is that you can access your 1Password installation from anywhere just by logging into Dropbox and opening up the HTML file.

I highly doubt that is available on iCloud. Yeah, but browser support is really finicky. IE isn't supported, Chrome needs special flags, and I think even Firefox takes some tinkering now. Another person not trusting iCloud yet. Also Dropbox allows recovery of old files. If I delete a password I can restore to another location and use 1Password to get that password out of the resored files. A snapshot would allow you to keep a picture of items like your drivers license for situations where simply having the ID numbers isn't enough.

You can view attachments on iOS now. But you cannot add them from iOS at this time. They can be added using Mac or Windows desktop versions. I use the mac version and sync via dropbox. On 1Password 3 I had a shorter master password on my IOS 1password than my desktop version as my iphone is passcode protected, can be remote wiped, and the app is PIN and password protected. On the desktop I use a mega strong 32 character password in conjunction with a Yubikey in static password mode to type some of it in.

With the old set-up as my 1Password keychain stored in dropbox was encrypted with such a strong 32 character password I was very relaxed about storing it there. With 1Password 4 I will have to use a weaker encryption password as the desktop and IOS version seem to have to use the same master password. If I am correct then I believe that this is a weakening of security for me.

Any password that I can remember will be cryptographically weaker than a 32 character one that is currently protecting my keychain in drop box. I also have quite a long master password for my Mac, and I used to have a shorter password for 1p on my iPad en iPhone.

Really bummed they removed this feature in 1p4. I sent them a tweet about this issue, and replied that your master password should be easy to type.

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I agree, but whats easy to type on physical keyboard is not neccesarily so on an virtual keyboard. For the rest I think the app is excellent upgrade, both visually and in use, except for master password issue. But now there are multiple ways to do so. In this chapter, I discuss my two favorites, 1Password and iCloud Keychain. If you need to sync certain passwords with family members or coworkers, flip ahead to Sync Passwords with Others.

It can generate, store, sync, and fill in passwords—plus credit card numbers, contact details, and other information. It also includes a random password generator and autofill.