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That could be—and should be—the rule. So far Razr's the only phone following it.

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The original Galaxy Note was popular but deeply, severely flawed. Its follow-up, though, managed to be a solid device. The Galaxy Note II offered a lot of screen for reading or gaming, and elevated phablets ugh past pure freakshow.

Evolution of Mobile Phones: 1995 – 2012

Just don't blame us for your palm-cramps. Take everything that was good about the LG Optimus G, make it better, and fix all the flaws. That's Google's Nexus 4, a fast, smooth, pure Android experience cemented Google's ability to choose rock-solid hardware partners for its flagship devices. The one knock? The iPhone is a mature brand, and historically already arguably the best phone you can buy.

So while it's easy to take for granted the myriad ways Apple was able to improve an already spectacular phone, you shouldn't. It won't dazzle you with a breathtaking new design. Even if it isn't the harbinger of a tech revolution, the iPhone 5 was one of the very best gadgets of the year. The Lumia arrived with a much-hyped PureView camera and a big, luxurious screen. The Nexus 4 ships with the latest version of Android, 4.

Since it runs stock no manufacturer UI Android, it will also receive future updates much quicker than other Android phones. The Nexus 4 also sells cheaply off-contract. This holiday season is a great time to shop for a new smartphone. Sharp displays, great cameras, and zippy performance are now the norm.

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The choices can be overwhelming, but these six phones — each with its own pros and cons — represent the best of the best. Hopefully the above information makes the selection process a little less daunting. All should have good battery life, but the Razr Maxx HD stands out. Read the "Intangibles" section to make sense of this Battery image: The only red flag is the Nexus 4's base 8 GB of storage: The iPhone 5 is the lightest, the Lumia is the heaviest. Without further ado, let's compare the top smartphones of All of these phones should provide razor-sharp text and images.


These numbers should also mean good to great performance. Summing up.

All should have good battery life, but the Razr Maxx HD stands out That's lots of 8-megapixel cameras The Snapdragon S4 was a popular chip this year Sizes are similar, with the iPhone 5 having the smallest footprint, and the Galaxy S III the largest We're in the super-sized era of smartphone displays Read the "Intangibles" section to make sense of this Battery image: Over , people receive our email newsletter See the stories that matter in your inbox every morning Your Email.

No thanks. Latest in Mobile Technology. Samsung's folding phone is official, and is joined by the Galaxy S10 flagships. MWC Everything we're expecting from the world's biggest phone show. Motorola introduces four Moto G7 models for Android fans on a budget. High Five charging cable fits on your key ring and plugs into almost anything. Your next Samsung phone could have 1 TB of storage as new chips roll out. Folding screen phones from Samsung, Sony, LG and more on the horizon.

Meizu Zero wants to banish a smartphone buttons and ports completely. Wi-Fi Porter puck lets guests log into your wireless network with a single tap.

The history of smartphones: timeline

Oppo to launch world-first 10x lossless zoom smartphone tech. Doogee S Affordable, waterproof, rugged smartphone with a modular twist. Google upgrades Assistant with real-time interpretation and more. Antennas were shortened and the designs modified; the features were also upgraded. The above image shows Nokia which was one of the most popular phones of that time. In , the antennas vanished from the mobile phones, giving an improved look than how it was before.

This enhancement also saved space and marked the introduction of internal antennas in the mobile phones.

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Though antennas were removed from most of the mobile phones, there are still some of them who retained antennas and changed the typical colour of black to vibrant coloured cases instead. The above image shows Nokia which was launched in and was available in a variety of colours to choose from.

In , mobile phones were given a more compact look.

The above image shows a Nokia , features cool colours, internal antenna and better graphics in a much smaller package than previous phones. The image shows a Motorola phone which has a simple black and white touchscreen, allowing easier access to various features than before. The image shows a Nokia , which had a single colour display, for example the background was not the same grey background anymore, it had backgrounds of different colours like blue, which along with the compact design made this phone a great choice for everyone.

The Nokia shown here is on sliding mode, features a great colour display and a 0.

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In , the clam shell phone very much like the Samsung S above was introduced.