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It def fosters interaction between users. Yes, this app has MANY shortcomings that have been implemented since I first became a member, They have been told by thousands of users to please make changes but the it seems the developers do not care to listen to the customers. I continue to play this app because it takes me back to the days when I played Bingo with my Grandmother then my Father.

This app lets you help your fellow members if you "happen" to be fortunate enough to get a spare shadow card that they need. I recommend you play BB and form your own opinion. I recommend to BB to listen to their customers and remove all your restrictions, etc.

BB can really be a fun game to play. I have been a huge Blitz fan since , but Bingo Blitz is not the game it used to be. Blitz did an update today, no problem. Except when a player and I traded buddies, two things happened- we both lost the spare from our inventory and we did NOT receive the gifted buddy. I tried to log off and nothing.

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I went to support to contact them and all I get is this message to clear history and cookies, which I do daily so that is not the problem. I tried every way to contact them to report the issue and you cannot get where the submit a ticket is. I have to one, apologize for overreacting last night and for the poor taste of post. I have since deleted that completely. Luckily the person I have traded with did receive the Buddy I sent to her this morning. However, I have not received 44 as of yet. I know that she sent it, as we have been game friends for years, and it is missing from her inventory.

So Blitzy if you could locate the missing Buddy I would appreciate it. I do think that to submit a ticket or complaint should be easier, and hope you will consider changing your program to contact you. So for this I am lowering my 5 star rating to a 4 star. Hey there! We are so glad that you are having a great time playing our game.

Nothing makes us happier than receiving such a kind feedback. Good luck! This is an awesome bingo game, probably the best free bingo game on the web. I have been playing for about 9 years. If you need an item to win or complete a room, you will never see that item. In addition, to get those prizes or complete rooms or events they make it so you HAVE TO spend money in order to complete in a timely manner.

I still love it and I still play. Like I said, they have the formula to bring in people. Having fun? We want to know how you like the update! Please let us know in the support center! But I really enjoy this game, so I inquired about a small problem I was having in the game, and I was incredibly impressed by the quick response and solution to the problem!!

Thank you for your awesome customer support and for fixing the problem I was having! Second, I have been playing this Bingo game everyday for a while now because it is so fun and simple! I have tried several other Bingo games and none compare to this one! This game does not require internet, so I can literally play it wherever, whenever and I can choose to play without any crazy animations.

I also love that I can pause it for however long I need to, and be able to come back to it! The layout of each location and the achievements needed are easy to understand, and not all over the place! I cannot say enough good things about this game, it is literally my favorite game ever! Thank you!! Hi There Lisa! Thank you so much for your amazing review.

We are extremely happy that we were able to help you out. We are also super excited that you are able to enjoy our game. We hope you continue to play our game for a long, long time to come. Thanks again for playing and the review. Best of luck and happy daubbing! So when I first started playing this game I loved it. No ads unless you wanted to watch them to get more daubs.

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Bingos were not too hard to get and getting free coins every 4 hours. I was totally addicted. Very fun and loved that you could play and not have to spend money to get more coins, daubs. But I am very, very disappointed with the update. It is way harder to get bingos.

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You have to use a lot more daubs to even try to get a bingo, even using all the daubs you are lucky to even get one bingo playing 4 cards. The rewards are not that great at all. Wish it was like it was before the update. I also recommended this game to my friends but they also are not happy with the update. Please, please go back to original game. Hi there Screamer44!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to play our game. We are so happy that you have found a bingo home! We love hearing that we are able to make some people happy. We wanted people to have the option to watch videos instead of forcing people to do it. Thank you so much for telling your friends about it. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses unless you are allergic to pollen Thanks again for your awesome 5 star review!

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Good luck and may the daubs be in your favor This is a great quality, no fuss no muss Bingo game! I found it very relaxing and great for chilling. However, it does give you enough tickets to play for a little while every day. Frankly, that's all you need. Yes, we have some more fun games of chance for you as well! Bingo PartyLand 2 Price: Bingo PartyLand 2 is another decent Bingo game.

It has a lot of features and many ways to play. That includes a real-time online multiplayer mode, various tournaments and events, and single player play. The game focuses on collectibles as you win so it gives the player a little extra motivation aside form just picking numbers on a card. Additionally, you get up to eight Bingo cards per game and plenty of opportunities to get more coins to play.

It's a decidedly freemium game. That means there are plenty of mechanics included to try to get you to spend some real money. However, with a little patience, you can ignore most of it. Bingo Showdown Price: Bingo Showdown is a themed Bingo game. It boasts an online PvP against other real players.

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The game focuses a bit more on speed rather than just getting Bingo. It also features cross-platform support between Facbook and mobile, offline support, power ups, and other stuff.

It leans a little heavily on its freemium strategy. That means games are limited to only a few per day. Otherwise, it's an above average time waster in this genre. DoubleU Bingo Price: DoubleU Bingo is another Bingo game with extra stuff. It has a basic Bingo game already. However, the game also gives you a pet.

The pet is customizable. It also plays a central role in the game's short campaign mode. Some other game features include online multiplayer, daily tournaments, and auto-dab mode, and more. Like most, it leans heavily on its freemium price tag with things like power -ups and limited play time. Dynamic Games Bingo games Price: Free with in-app purchases each.

Dynamic Games is a developer on Google Play. They made a whole bunch of Bingo games. Each one has its own theme. Each game plays basically the same way with only a few minor variations between them. You can really play any of them and get more or less the same experience. They are also all freemium games.

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