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To remove an app, locate it in the listing, tap it, and tap Uninstall. You will find all apps categorized into groups: Make sure you do not uninstall anything from the OS Kernel section. Disable Bloatware Figure D is our first non-root app. This app doesn't delete bloatware—it merely hides it. Also, this app is really just a front end for a feature that is already available on your device. However, for those who want a more efficient means of tucking bloatware out of sight on a non-rooted device, this is what you want.

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To hide bloatware, open up Disable Bloatware, locate the app you want to hide, and then tap the Disable or Turn Off button whichever appears. You can always go back and unhide an app should you decide you want to use it. The nice thing about Disable Bloatware is that it doesn't actually delete system apps and bloatware, so the chances of disaster striking your device are much slimmer than actually removing anything. Finally, we come to the method of hiding bloatware that doesn't require the installation of an app Figure E.

That's right. Most Android phones have a built-in ability to hide system apps and bloatware. Again, you are not deleting anything with this route—you are only hiding it. This does help keep your App Drawer a bit more tidy, but it will not free up space. To undertake this method, open Settings, go to Apps, locate the app you want to hide, tap it, and then tap Disable or Turn Off depending upon what you are offered.

Like Disable Bloatware, if you need an app back, you simply reverse the process. Considering it's , we shouldn't be even having the discussion of bloatware. However, it seems this is an area of mobile devices that will never go away. If bloatware has become a serious issue with you, your best plan of attack is to root your device and permanently delete those apps. If rooting the device fills you with dread, you can still hide those apps.

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One way or another, you can keep that bloatware from getting in your way. Don't waste another second searching for IT and business apps--we've got you covered. Deleting bloatware, freezing apps, and more is possible with the pro version of Titanic Backup. Offering the option to disable and enable system apps, NoBloat Free also includes an app deletion tool. This gives you the ability to create backups of system apps and restore them. All this means NoBloat Free is the best option for root users who just want to get rid of bloatware.

The premium version gives you enhanced features such as blacklisting system apps, batch operations, and exporting settings. This app offers an easy way to erase and move system apps. System App Remover provides a useful classification system that quickly identifies the apps you can remove. As some might be system apps, and vital to Android, this is pretty useful. Along with this key feature, the tool supports moving apps to and from your SD card in bulk. You can also manage APKs and track down older app versions. System App Remover Free.

Remove System Apps From Android Phone [System App Remover]

There is one other solution for removing unwanted apps from your Android device: While it might take a bit of research to find out which new ROM will fulfill your needs, the solution can leave you with a stripped-back version of Android that you can keep particularly close control of. Looking for a custom ROM designed for users with an eye on performance and privacy?

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  • Copperhead and Omnirom are two good options for your rooted Android device. Here's how to offload apps and free up storage space on every version of Android. Read More. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published.

    5 Popular Bloatware Remover APKs

    Purchase a stock Android or Android One mobile. It's new, it's fresh, and it's clean. Just the way you like your Android to be. Use ADB Shell to uninstall with and without root to delete unwanted apps and or bloatware on any Android device. The instructions that you mentioned in the non-rooted phone where you force stop and then disable the app is a process that I have used a few times and works well.

    However, you failed to mention that there is a couple situations where that does not work at all. I'm currently dealing with the Documents app continually force closing. For instance if I'm on a website and I want to change my profile picture and I hit change picture it will automatically pull up the documents app regardless of me force stopping it and disabling it, it always restart. I have tried dozens of different apps to try to replace that one or at least defaulting to a different program but it just is not possible! For me it's a tie-in sale. Which is illegal. You buy a phone including its OS and they force you to used third party apps Facebook for example.

    Well I can decided simply not use the apps not clicking on them, but they are taking space in my phone. If I want to use another email manager instead of Gmail, I need to install a second app, ending up consuming memory space. The apps we cannot remove change every new version of the OS, which means we have no choice whether we want them or not.

    Its good. I thought to delete some apps bcs im missusing them. Bt i think controlling our mind will be better option fr me. Thank u. I'll try this if needed. Thank u? I am still unable to uninstall the two apps I do not want Pinterest and Fb and its messenger Thank you!! I just got my phone rooted, and I don't know what system app to remove or what else to do to put my phone in optimum performance, pls I need your help, thanks. I just got my phone rooted, I don't know what system app to remove or what else to do to put my phone in optimum performance pls I need your help, thanks.

    I've got 65 apps showing. I did a sweep on my Samsung S5 it said all apps were clean. I posed on here earlier how can I remove some of my apps so that I download Candy Crush Saga so I can play the game that I like to play what can I do to get back? I would like to be able to remove some of my apps so that I can download Candy Crush Saga again because I like playing this game.

    Can someone help me please? Easy does it, though. I have qtab android version. I disable,force stop. Used together with dr. Root your Android devices by yourself at home to customize your device and enjoy more. Jan 24, Detailed Guide: Uninstalled apps are located in the recycle bin and can be re-installed anytime. You can also use the app to perform other functions such as cleaning the cache on the device.

    How to Root Your Phone The easiest and quickest way to remove system apps from your device is to root the device. The following are some of its other features: Available on: Start Download. System Apps Safe to Remove Before you decide to remove system apps on your Android device, it is important to note that these apps do have functions on the device.

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    The following are some system apps you can remove. Android Root Generic Android Root 1. Root Access 2. Jailbreak Android 3. Root Android with PC 4.

    How to Uninstall Carrier/OEM Bloatware Without Root Access

    Safely Root Android 5. Root Android 5. Root Android 4 7. Android One Root 8. Root and Unroot Android 9. One Click Root Free Root Samsung 2. Root Samsung Galaxy S3 3. Root Samsung Galaxy S4 4. Root Samsung Galaxy S5 5. Root Samsung Galaxy S6 6. Root Samsung Gv 7.

    Root Note 4 on 6. Root Samsung Note 2 9. Root SM N Root Note 5 Root SM GF Root Samsung Tablet Root GT i Root Samsung GF Root Samsung GH Root Samsung GT i Root Samsung N Root Note 3 on Lollipop Root Note 3 Root Samsung S7 Root Samsung J7 Root Samsung S6 Active Root Samsung GT S Root Samsung Grand Prime Root Samsung Note 4 Jailbreak Samsung Root Samsung On5 Motorola Root 1.

    Root Moto G 2. Root Moto E 3. Root Moto X 4. Root LG G3 2. Root LG G3 Beat 3. Root LG G3 D 4. Root LG G4 5. Root LG LS 6. LG One Click Root 7. Root LG without PC 8.